“Opioid Crisis on Piikani Nation: State of Emergency”

The State of the Opioid Crisis on Piikani Nation

The State of the Opioid Crisis on Piikani Nation

It’s no secret that the opioid crisis is tearing apart communities all across Canada. The latest example of this is the Piikani Nation in Alberta, Canada, which has declared a state of emergency due to an increase in opioid-related deaths. In an effort to shed light on this important topic, we’ll analyze the information provided in this video report from Global News.

Piikani Nation: An Epicenter of the Crisis

Just as in the rest of Canada, the Piikani Nation is grappling with increased opioid-related deaths. The local horn society decided to take steps against the crisis, declaring a state of emergency. This came after six people from the reserve were reported to have died of opioid overdose in the early weeks of 2019. The statistic is staggering, given that the total population of Piikani Nation is around 3,600.

Effects of the Opioid Crisis

It is evident that the opioid crisis has had devastating effects on Piikani Nation, and these effects reverberate beyond the individual and impact the whole community. Here are some key points the report brings to light:

  • Increased death rates – The rise in opioid-related deaths is alarming and shows the severity of the crisis.
  • Crime and social disorder – The opioid crisis goes hand in hand with increased crime rates. This is largely due to the addicts’ drug-seeking behaviour.
  • Disruptions in community cohesion – The crisis disrupts the strength and unity of the community. Furthermore, it increases levels of homelessness which adds another complex issue to tackle.
  • Impact on future generations – Children are especially vulnerable. They often live in an unstable environment created by the crisis, which will impact their growth and development.

Necessary Actions to Combat the Crisis

To mitigate the devastating effects of the crisis, taking a multipronged approach is critical. Here are some strategies that Piikani Nation and others in similar situations are employing:

  • Declaring a state of emergency – This action taken by the horn society at Piikani Nation signals the urgency and gravity of the situation.
  • Community Outreach – Education and awareness programs are used to inform the community about the dangers and effects of opioid use.
  • Increased access to Naloxone – Making this lifesaving antidote more readily available can prevent overdose fatalities.
  • Opioid class action lawsuit – In Canada, legal actions have been taken against opioid manufacturers and distributers, holding them accountable for their role in the crisis.


The opioid crisis is a complex issue that impacts communities at multiple levels, from individuals to families and the entire community. In the case of Piikani Nation, it’s taken a step further with the declaration of a state of emergency. However, taking a stand and making efforts for change enables a beacon of hope in this dark scenario. By raising awareness, increasing access to naloxone, and potentially holding those responsible through an opioid class action lawsuit, the hope is to inspire other communities similarly impacted by the opioid crisis to take action.

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