First Nations Lead Fight Against Purdue Bankruptcy Plan

The U.S. bankruptcy plan for Purdue Pharma faces mounting opposition from Canadian First Nations impacted by the opioid epidemic. This adds further complexity to the legal landscape surrounding the crisis.

First Nations Lawsuits Against Opioid Makers

First Nations communities across Canada suffered immense damage from the opioid crisis. The Peter Ballantyne Cree aAtion and Lac La Ronge Indian Band  filed lawsuits against Purdue and other parties, seeking accountability and compensation for losses.

Concerns Over Bankruptcy Release's Impact

The Purdue bankruptcy proceedings have raised major concerns for First Nations. The Sacklers claim the bankruptcy release extinguishes First Nations’ claims against them. This denies First Nations meaningful compensation or recourse.

Release Quashes First Nations Claims

Though opposed, the bankruptcy court approved the release. This effectively dismisses First Nations’ claims against the Sacklers without significant payment or input from victims.

First Nations Appeal to the United States Supreme Court

First Nations have appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court against the bankruptcy plan. They argue the plan invalidly extinguishes third party claims against the Sacklers. This appeal embodies First Nations’ resistance and fight for justice.  Read the brief here.

Seeking an Equitable Resolution

The bankruptcy plan provides First Nations no substantive compensation, despite the epidemic’s impact on communities. First Nations continue demanding a just resolution that holds the Sacklers accountable.

This growing First Nations-led opposition highlights the bankruptcy’s troubling implications across borders. It underscores the need to equitably address the opioid crisis’ global impact.

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