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First Nations Opioid Class Action Breaking News!!!

Pursuing Justice for First Nations in Opioid Class Action

We recognize the significant impact of the opioid epidemic on indigenous communities and are committed to seeking justice and securing the necessary resources to implement local abatement programs. 

In line with our mission to advocate for justice, Napoli Shkolnik Canada has filed a class action on behalf of all Canadian First Nations. This legal action aims to recover the costs incurred by First Nations in combating the opioid epidemic and to secure the funds required to support and implement local abatement programs. Our goal is to ensure that the necessary resources are available to address the devastating effects of opioid addiction and provide long-term solutions for affected communities.

Legal Action Against Opioid Impact

Our legal action seeks not only to recover the costs incurred by First Nations in battling the opioid crisis but also to ensure the availability of funds required to support and implement local abatement programs. The goal is to provide sustainable solutions and alleviate the harsh effects of opioid addiction on indigenous communities across Canada.

Opioids Continue to Devastate First Nations

Disproportionately affected

Indigenous people in Canada are six times more likely to experience an opioid-related overdose death than non-Indigenous people.

Increased Hospitalizations

The rate of hospitalizations related to opioids and other drugs among First Nations people increased by 47 per cent from 2016 to 2018

Disparate outcomes

The opioid crisis has exacerbated existing health disparities among Indigenous populations, leading to increased rates of addiction, overdose, and negative health outcomes.

Historical factors

Factors such as historical trauma, social determinants of health, limited access to healthcare services, and cultural disconnection contribute to the vulnerability of Indigenous communities to opioid misuse and addiction.

Barriers to treatment

Indigenous peoples face barriers to accessing culturally appropriate and comprehensive addiction treatment and harm reduction services, leading to limited support for recovery.

Absence of community based treatment

There is a need for community-based approaches that incorporate Indigenous knowledge, cultural practices, and self-determination to effectively address the opioid crisis among First Nations.

Insufficient resources

Indigenous communities require increased resources and funding to develop and implement culturally safe and holistic approaches to prevention, treatment, and harm reduction.

Take Action Today

If you represent a Canadian First Nation affected by the opioid epidemic, Napoli Shkolnik Canada is here to help you fight for justice and obtain the necessary resources to combat this crisis. Contact us now to learn more about how we can assist you in pursuing your legal rights and recovering the costs incurred in addressing the opioid epidemic.

Call us at (888) 531-230-0675 or email,  with your questions. Our experienced team at Napoli Shkolnik Canada is ready to provide the legal support you need. Together, let’s work towards securing a better future for First Nations and affected communities in Canada.

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